In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler sits down with skateboard enthusiasts, Rob Pontes and Donny Barley. The show begins with Anthony talking about Podcasting in skateboarding and how it’s going to be a game changer for the industry. A new way for young skateboarders to get their name out there and build their audiences. Anthony Shetler is hyped to talk about how The Shetler Show is being downloaded all over the world and how people are able to connect with him utilizing today’s technology.

Anthony switches stance to discuss with Rob, “How did you first start skating?” Rob Pontes has been in the industry for many years, and covers getting his 1st board made of plastic, and finding kids around his neighborhood in Rhode Island to ride with. Growing up around these guys, pushed him to want to be better. Rob was dedicated to the idea of skateboarding, and he would buy their used boards off them and feel like a real skater. This newly formed band of brothers introduced him to music from different bands at that time like The Ramones, TSOL and Bad Brains to name a few. Rob refers to his first time hearing the music and how it was so different it scared him. He quickly figured out how music and skateboarding go hand in hand to create a feeling. The guys talk about the east coast and all the changes that has gone on over the years, including having some of the sickest and most colorful spots to skate.

Donny Barley talks about first meeting Rob at the fountain of youth. The pair share memories of epic nights that Rob would come to hang out with the guys and show up with a board in hand and a 12 pack in the other. Rob was originally intimidated by Donny but through time they became close friends. Rob dives into the details of being a brand rep for Deluxe Distribution and working at the time with Adio.

Rob and Donny talk about different tricks that skaters are doing now days and how they used to hate the impossible. Without question they believe it’s making it’s way back to the scene and give a few shoutouts to the riders that do it proper. The gang cover all of Rob’s companies that he reps, as well as the “Asphalt Yacht Club” and how it fits in the skateboard industry. Without fail, Anthony always drops knowledge about how skaters need to give back to the “kids” and then they get into Rob issues with his legs. Don’t miss this episode of The Shetler Show Skateboard Podcast and yes Rob and Donny both pick up pennies!

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