Anthony is super pumped for the hard work he put in for the past two years making the New England Am contest a reality, featuring everything from top pros to big sponsors to finally have a big, legit contest on the east coast.
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It’s finally here: First annual New England Am set for November 22, 2014


Anthony Shetler –


Ramsey – “The Late Night Show with Ramsey –

Scott  “Scoots” Soaress –

Jordan Dompierre -”Johnny 9-Fingers” (Nick Dompierre’s brother) –

Pat McGon- From Paddy’s Hot Dog Shack –

Erik “SlayHan” Trahan  –


Paddy’s Hot Dog Shack –

In this episode Shetler and the gang discuss cutting off your own finger to cure your alcoholism, the reason we were first put on this earth, and Scoot’s undeniable sex appeal leading to the upcoming, face-melting #TinderTour2014. Anthony also hits you with all the details about the New England Am coming November 22nd to Massachusetts.

Scoots – starts with the list of reasons for going to Cali

  1. Skateboarding
  2. Weed/ Women/ Weather

Lived in New Bedford, MA for his whole life 27yrs and said  “Fuck it!” im moving to So. Cali

Dad – is down for him to go to Cali

Mom – doesn’t want her baby to leave

On his way to Cali Scoots is starting a Tinder Tour “He’s a Match” #tindertour2014

Moving with Jake Dooley

With Jakes dad’s paint shop Think Paint (

The House of Marley (  hooked them up with their headphones for the show.

Guest Judges:

Nick Dompierre –

Brandon Westgate –

Donny Barley –

Zered Bassett –

Sponsors for the contest:

All I Need Skate –

Shake Shack –

Eastern Boarder –

Fun Box Boards –

Hive –

Civil –

Levitate –

Logic –

Max Hesh –

Narragansett Surf & Skate –

Red Alert –

Solstice –

Technical –

Theory –

Persona –

Break Water –

Water Brothers –

North of the Border –

Hosted at:

Skaters Edge Indoor Skatepark –

Mentions on the show:

Jake Dooley –

Jarrod Pimental –

Tosh Townend –

Anti-hero skateboards –

Jordan Dompierre –

Produced By:

Royal Deca Productions –

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