In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and the one and only Marc Johnson have an intense conversation. It is a new type of podcast with Marc on as a guest, with never ending insights, even though he has never done a podcast before. They begin by talking about their mutual love of podcasts, including the podcasts that Anthony Shetler and Marc Johnson recommend.

Marc Johnson feels that he is an optimists, but his look at the world might not be shared by many others. They discuss peoples perceptions of the world , including what other industries “take” from skateboarding. Anthony Shetler and Marc Johnson get into major questions concerning the skate industry, comprises, skater owned businesses, growing up with the internet, human consciousness, among many other interesting topics.

Skaters actually talking about religion? Marc Johnson and Shetler talk about what religion really means, and what it means to them. They also get into so many other major topics that skaters do not usually discuss in interviews.

Anthony Shetler speaks about what balance there is to be found in life, with skateboarding, relationships, and more. Marc Johnson goes into being aware, and being able to tell when someone is not. They delve into growing as a human, and expressing themselves as skaters, men, and influencers.