“Google me Bitch!”

In this episode Anthony sits down with long time homie, Conrad Ferla. They talk about how Conrad got started in his surfing career. Anthony gets right into it by asking Conrad: “How did you start surfing?” Conrad began by telling his story about moving from Warwick, Mass to Narragansett, Mass, and how he got his first surfboard around 10yrs old. “It’s like people from Narragansett live in the water”, Conrad says. And his love for the water is a big deal to him also.

They go on to talk about their trip to Atlantic City and how Conrad gave Anthony and his girl free surf lessons. We find out why Anthony hates the water, but still respects it. Conrad talk’s about going to college and then becoming a BAR SPIE for Budweiser for a little bit, which was the best job ever in his opinion.

So with a business degree from URI (University of Rhode Island), Conrad left college to begin his first job working at Tower Steam. Later, he starts as a rep for Anarchy sunglasses, then started teaching surf lessons. Working with tons of brands in the surf and skate industry, he loves spending his time teaching people how to surf.

Anthony Shelter – http://allineedskate.com/

Conrad Ferla – https://www.facebook.com/conrad.ferla
Email conradwaves@gmail.com
Narragansett Surf & Skate – http://narragansettsurfandskate.com/

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First annual New England Am set for November 22, 2014

Brands Conrad Reps:
House of Marley – http://www.thehouseofmarley.com/
Monument Snowboards – http://mnmnt.com/
Carver Skateboards – http://www.carverskateboards.com/
Hyperflex Wetsuits – http://hyperflexusa.com/
Vox Footwear – http://voxfootwearinc.com/
Hobie Eyewear – http://www.hobie.com/products/sunglasses.aspx
Under Armour – https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/mens/accessories/sunglasses
Famous Surf – https://livefamous.com/


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