The Shetler Show featuring Jeff Dechesare aka Jeff wong song

Today we sit down with Jeff Wong Song. A up n coming amateur skateboarder originally from New Jersey but now resides in the belly of the beast of SoCal. We spoke about family, traveling, double flips, social media, relationships and much more!!! – Ant

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The Shetler Show podcast featuring Kiri Schroeter


Today we sit down with All I Need (Australia) Skate team member Kiri Schroeter! Kiri was born with Oromandibular Limb Hypoplasia. He has no hands and his Jaw is fused in one position. Kiri has put a lot of his life force into skateboarding and you can tell by his EPIC style on a skateboard. Thanks for coming on the show Kiri! What is oromandibular limb hypoplasia syndrome? Oromandibular limb hypoplasia syndrome is a disorder that represents a group of rare and overlapping conditions. It is characterized by congenital malformations of the tongue, mandible and maxilla. Children with oromandibular limb hypoplasia syndrome may also have limb anomalies.

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The Shetler Show podcast featuring Dakota Hunt
Dakota Hunt is a young up n coming amateur skateboarder from Palm Bay Florida who is currently living in southern California. Today we spoke all about growing up in Florida, moving to California, Graffiti Sk8 Zone, Float tanks, San Francisco, Long Beach and much more!!!! Support the show here

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